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Solar Powered Facility

In 2011 Metropolitan Tea installed 2,600 solar array panels atop their manufacturing facility. At the time of installation, it was one of Ontario, Canada’s largest privately owned solar arrays.

This eco-friendly achievement meant that Metropolitan Tea became one of the world’s first tea manufacturers to achieve carbon neutral status.

Watch this video to see the solar array up close and learn more about its impact on our business and the surrounding community:  

Our solar array generates around 5x the amount of energy consumed by our factory.

• Approximately 800,000 – 1,000,000 Kwh are generated each year

• In relation, an average house hold in Canada uses 11,900 Kwh per year (meaning on average we are producing enough power for 130 homes)

• There is some variance depending on sunlight levels over the course of the year

In 2012 Metropolitan Tea earned a Sustainability Award from the Toronto Board of Trade.

Solar electricity helps us avoid substantial emissions each year (recent data):

• Carbon: 1,160,000 lbs / 526167.1492 kg

• SO2: 4000 lbs / 1814 kg

• NOx: 1600 lbs / 726 kg

Metropolitan Tea – Carbon Neutral Manufacturing Facility.

Read our Environmental, Social & Governance Page to see the other steps we have taken to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainable manufacturing practices.