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Social Ethos & Sustainability

The healthier the planet, the better the tea.

Can you imagine a world without tea? Neither can we. That’s why we follow a multi-step approach to environmental stewardship. We also actively participate in promoting the fair treatment of the people who produce our products.

Too many corporations see these factors as too costly to implement. Others view them as indulging social ideals over profit. Our experience shows that a commitment to people and the planet has the opposite affect. Our policies help us:

  • Enhance efficiencies to help us better serve our customers
  • Meet sustainability policies required by global customers
  • Support positive marketing messages
  • Generate corporate goodwill


Metro Environment Action Program

Our commitment to the environment helped Metropolitan Tea win a Sustainability Award from the Toronto Board of Trade. Here’s how we did it.

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Social Responsibilities & Ethical Policies

Doing our part to ensure respect for the environment and fair treatment of the labor force that makes our products.

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Responsible Tea Production

From hand-plucking to soil rehabilitation, find out what goes into the responsible production of luxury grade teas.

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Ethical Tea Partnership

Metropolitan Tea was the first non-UK company to join the ETP. Their mission: To improve the lives of tea workers and their environment.

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Fair Trade

While we buy from many estates certified by Fair Trade, and many of their principles echo ours, we believe there is one important difference.

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