Metro Environmental Action Program

Fully self-funded, the Metro Environmental Action Program takes a three-step approach to reducing our environmental footprint:


Step 1: Reducing carbon output

Our company has made numerous upgrades to our factory and processes with the goal of reducing carbon emissions.


Factory infrastructure improvements

Fans move air to help cool machinery when required.
Waste cardboard is converted to packing material.


Recycled packing materials are used exclusively, and carton boxes are reused whenever possible.



  • Considerable drop in utility usage
  • 3-fold increase in output


Packing smarter

By vac-packing our teas into a square block shape, shipping efficiency is vastly improved.



  • Drastic reduction in carton usage
  • 15% increase in logistics efficiency


Step 2: Proactive Carbon Offsetting

As wholesalers of agricultural products, we believe it is our responsibility to offset the carbon we generate each year.


Tree planting

In 2011, in response to the UN Billion Tree program and Ontario 50 million Tree program, Metropolitan Tea planted 15,000 trees. 200 acres of abandoned farmland was purchased, and 7 species were planted.

Biodiversity is greatly enhanced.



  •  Metropolitan Tea achieved carbon neutral status in 2011


Wetland Preservation

Additionally, 80 acres of historic wetlands were set aside for protection. This land is home to beavers, endangered spotted turtles, black terns, and countless other birds and amphibians.

Refuge for endangered spotted turtles.
Sandhill cranes hunt in the wetlands.


Old growth forest preservation

Finally, 80 acres of old growth forest were preserved. Each acre absorbs roughly 30,000 lbs / 13607.771 kg of carbon / year. The forest is home to foxes, deer, porcupines, bears, and more.

Protecting old growth forest helps reduce our carbon footprint.


• 2,400,000 lbs / 1088621.688 kg of carbon offset each year


Step 3: Active Carbon Avoidance

In 2011 Metropolitan Tea installed one of Ontario Canada’s largest privately owned solar arrays — 2600 panels.


Our solar array generates 5x the amount of energy consumed by our factory:

• The array generates 500 KwH

• 1 million KwH / 1000 MwH are generated each year


Solar electricity also helps us avoid substantial emissions each year:

• Carbon: 1,160,000 lbs / 526167.1492 kg

• SO2: 4000 lbs / 1814 kg

• NOx: 1600 lbs / 726 kg

The solar array sits atop the roof of our factory.


• In 2012 Metropolitan Tea earned a Sustainability Award from the Toronto Board of Trade

• Our company became one of the world’s first tea blenders and packers to achieve carbon negative status