Client Services

Build your online tea business with global support from Metropolitan Tea. Our comprehensive and extensive inventory means we’re always stocked with the teas and herbs you need to grow. 

These are just a few of the key support services that we offer to our customer, and we are continuously growing our support systems to best serve you. 

UPS Tracking

     Quickly and easily track your orders. After UPS picks up your

     order we will send you an email with your tracking number.

     Easily follow the link in your email or login in to your Metro

     account and click the track my order icon. 

You can also type your tracking number directly into the UPS site:


Global Fulfillment : 

     Order teas, herbals, and blending components with confidence.

     Whether you need 2 kg or 2 pallet loads, we offer 98 % fill rates with

     same-day or next day shipping for Canada, USA, and the Caribbean.

     Shipping occurs within 1 to 5 days for the rest of the world.


Web-Ready Images :

Take advantage of our exclusive web-ready image program. As a customer, you have access to our databank of product images, sized and ready for publication to your own website or online catalogue. Our extensive help-yourself image gallery is available at no extra cost to any customer who meet the minimum spend requirements per annum. 


Information Buttons :

Each of our 1000 + teas, herbs, and blending components include detailed information documents available for you to use and download. This includes:

 Allergen Declarations           Product Specifications               Profiles

 Nutritional Information       Serving Recommendations


Website Tutorial & Tea Training :

Go-To-Meetings: These virtual meetings allow us to walk you through all the features of our ordering site — answering your questions instantly and creating a more personal connection. We offer a vast array of tools and resources on our website, so during the go to meeting we can show you which tools will be most useful for your type of business. What, at first, may seem a little overwhelming, will become an invaluable resource to help you with your business.

New customers who do a go-to-meeting with us will get 20% off their first order!

Tea Training: Our webiste is equipped with numerous tea training tools, and our Tea Masters are available for phone calls or virtual meetings to answer all your questions. Metropolitan Tea customers also enjoy exclusive access to our online training site for the METZ luxury tea brand. We have resources and can advise on brewing, tea blending, marketing, and more.

Enjoy access to our Tea-Brewing Instructional Videos:


DIY Catalogue :

Every online store has different needs. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use digital catalogue you can configure yourself. Create your own catalogue and provide it to your customers or employees for easy reordering.


Become an approved Teatailer :

Ask us how you can become an official Teatailer with a linked listing

on our Teatailer page. Let us help you drive traffic to your store.

*some conditions apply


Marketing Help — Product Spotlights :

Learn the background and benefits of our products and ingredients. These marketing pdfs are available for you to download and use on your own website, social media, or in store. Click here to view a few of them.

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