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Tea Accessories

The development of teaware followed hot on the heels of the discovery of tea. Starting in China with the invention of the teapot, teaware really took off once British manufacturers discovered Porcelain. Fashionable and functional, impress your customers with our modern take on an old tradition.


Counter Displays

Bump up incremental sales with these impulse-driven counter displays of infusers, strainers and more. From rubber ducks to mesh balls, we've sourced some of the cutest infusers ever made. Whether you're looking for something trendy or classic - we have the ideal counter display for your shop.

Display Glass Jars

Loose luxury teas are culinary works of art. Airtight glass display jars allow your customers a stunning visual of the whole leaf tea blends. These reusable jars hold between 1 and 3 liters (or 1-3 qt) of loose leaf tea, and let your customers see the difference quality makes.

Display Tea Caddies

Create your own merchandising display with these super-sized tea caddies. These large-sized versions are perfect for storing your loose luxury teas, or selling in large quantities. Airtight and 100% BPA free, these offer a modern, sanitary take on a tea classic. We offer these in multiple colors and shapes.

DIY Packaging Supplies

Develop your own in-house tea brand by packing your own tea. We’ve got the tins, bags and expert advice you need to succeed. Ranging from DIY heat sealable bags to DIY packing tins - we offer a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. We make it easy to pack and brand your own tea.

Ecobam – Inspired Bamboo

Eco-friendly, sustainably harvested bamboo accessories offer biodegradable style customers love. Bamboo is incredibly durable and used to make all manner of tea-friendly accessories. We’ve sourced some of the most unique bamboo products, and made them available to you.

Filters - Disposable

One of the easiest ways to brew loose tea. Offer customers the convenience of biodegradable, single use filters. Made of sustainably harvested fibers, these are safe for the environment, and allow your customers to choose how long to brew their tea. Available in bulk and retail format in a variety of sizes.

Filters - Reusable Cotton

Unbleached cotton filters offer an environmentally friendly way to brew loose leaf luxury teas. Made from sustainably harvested cotton, these durable and reusable filters give people an eas,y waste-free brewing alternative.


From drip catchers to spout protectors.
From lemon squeezers to cookie cutters.
From teabag string holders to tea tongs.
Our tea-time gadgets add a bit of fun to the art of brewing.


Infusers are eco-friendly and make brewing loose leaf tea easy and convenient. Whether you are looking for something more trendy or a classic design - our tea infusers make great gifts and souvenirs.


Make a DIY display with our tea labels – designed to fit our display jars perfectly. Each label offers stunning original artwork pertaining to its blend, including tasting notes and ingredients. An easy way to make an incredible tea display.

Milk & Sugar Sets

Milk and sugar sets are a key element to every High Tea. Available in a rainbow of colors, styles and materials - everything you need to impress at tea time.


Spoons are an essential part of your tea service - they’re used for everything from serving to scooping to stirring. We’ve sourced a selection of spoons perfectly suited to serving and selling luxury loose tea.

Tea Bag holders

What to do with your teabag once it’s brewed? Store it on one of these colorful teabag holders of course. We offer ceramic and plastic teabag holders in a teapot shape - available in 18 vibrant colors. A unique addition to any online tea store or a fun element to put on the table at a cafe or restaurant.


Food safe, non-corrosive strainers for a traditional twist on brewing loose leaf tea. Eco-friendly, sustainable, and durable - these come in a range of of shapes, sizes, and styles. Our line of specialized strainers will help you brew perfect loose leaf tea by the cup or the potful.

Tea Cups

We’ve got a collection of tea cups even the Mad Hatter would go crazy for. Bamboo tea cups are a sustainable and 100% biodegrable option. Hand-crafted and lead-free ceramic or porelain teacups and saucers set the perfect table for High Tea. Glass teacups offer a window into the color and character of the teas you serve.

Tea Pots - Loose Tea

Simplify the loose tea experience with an internal strainer or infuser. We’ve sourced a wide selection of teapots in a number of styles and construction types, complete with internal strainers and infusers. Stylish, food safe, and priced for foodservice applications - choose from numerous stainless, glass, cast iron, ceramic varieties.

Tea Pots - Traditional

We’re pleased to offer one of best selections of wholesale teapots you’ll find anywhere. Ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, or glass - we have a style for every need. Unlike our infuser pots, these are free of internal strainers, making them perfect for teabag brewing, pairing with an external strainer or a tea infuser ball.

Teapot Warmers

Keep your hot tea piping with our collection of warmers. Elegant, captivating and highly functional — makes a stunning night time display and creates an cozy ambience. Designed to work with a tealight candle, the warmer draws heat upward toward your tea, ensuring a hot cup every time you reach for the pot.


The perfect cup of tea every time. We’ve got timers for black, green and herbal teas. Available in electronic or traditional sand measurement formats. These make unique and intriguing gifts for any tea lover.

Wire Merchandisers

The easy way to create a world-class tea display in your own location. Show off your loose luxury teas in style with this custom designed wire merchandiser. Suitable for retail or food service applications.

Wooden Merchandisers

Sustainably harvested wooden display merchandisers. Add a rustic touch to your tea service with these wooden trays. Designed to hold six tea tins comfortably, fill them with your top sellers and let your customers inspect the merchandise. You’ll be amazed at the impact visualization can have on loose tea sales.