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Upright Wood Boxes

Handmade in Sri Lanka, these wood boxes are crafted from sustainably grown wood, in a factory known for its fair treatment of workers. Packed with string & tag teabags or premium loose tea, and printed with eye-catching graphics that make these fly off shelves.


Offer your customers:

12 Teabags

Something for every occasion! More than 25 flavors and varieties to choose from. Ask us which flavors we recommend for your particular region.

25 Teabags

25 premium string & tag teabags in a wide variety of flavors. Bright, vibrant screen art catches the eye.

Cube - Loose Tea

Premium loose tea in a cube shaped wooden box. The perfect size and shape for stacking on shelves or to scatter around your retail shop.

Souvenir Tea

Wooden boxes for the souvenir and tourist market. Loose tea and teabag options available in a ton of varieties, including: maple, blueberry, icewine, green gables, lighthouse, and more.



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