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We love tin tea caddies. For starters, they’re reusable, which is great for the environment. What’s more, they seal nicely and keep tea fresh for a long time. Finally, they look great and customers love buying them.

Our collection of tins with embossed artwork and brewing instructions printed on the bottom have been wooing customers for years. 100% all natural teas and herbs in multiple flavors and styles to choose from.

Offer your customers:

Loose Tea Caddy

Premium loose tea in reusable tea caddies. They make for great gifts that people will remember and hold onto.

12 Teabag Caddy

A dozen string and tag teabags in a multitude of flavors. 12 pack size makes an excellent travel gift.

16 Teabag Caddy

Stylish round tins in a broad spectrum of flavors. Stunning artwork completes the visual appearance.

24 Teabag Caddy

Classic square tea tin with pop-off lid, filled to the brim with premium luxury teas and herbs.

36 Teabag Caddy

Maple, Icewine, and Canadian Breakfast tea meet in this 36 Teabag, 3 Tier Tin set.

48 Teabag Caddy

For the tea lover who knows you can never have too much of a good thing. 48 premium luxury grade teabags with string and tag.



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