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Souvenir Tea

Tea makes a great gift. Especially when it’s packed in an artistic tin featuring artwork of your region. Not only is tea delicious, it’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins that let the gift receiver know you care about them. (We call that a gift giving win/win.)

Canada - Cartons

Whether you run a gift shop in Cranberry country, or a tearoom in Quebec, we’ve got the tea you’re looking for. We’ve taken our top-selling souvenir teas and packed them in decorative recyclable carton boxes.

USA - Cartons

Luxury teas in souvenir carton boxes – the perfect take-home gift for customers on the go.

UK - Cartons

Sometimes you want a lot of tea, sometimes you want a little. For tourists needing a whole pile of gifts for everyone back home, our souvenir cartons make it easy to throw them in a suitcase and hit the road. Your friends and family will love these little treats you bring back.

Canada - Tins

Our huge collection of blended and flavored teas in stylish tea tins is sure to impress. Dozens of varieties available. For starters, they’re reusable, which is great for the environment. What’s more, they seal nicely and keep tea fresh for a long time. Finally, they look great and customers love buying them. Our collection of tins with embossed artwork and brewing instructions printed on the bottom have been wooing souvenir hounds for years. 100% all natural teas and herbs in multiple flavors and styles to choose from.

USA - Tins

In our humble opinion, luxury teas in tins make the ultimate travel gift. Not only is the tea delicious, offering a taste of travel, the tins can be reused when empty. Suddenly a gift you’ve received lasts a lifetime.

Canada - Wood Boxes

Handmade, screen-printed wood chests packed with tea. Made from sustainably sourced wood. The more of your tea they see, the more they’ll buy. This simple truth definitely holds true with our souvenir wooden boxes. This version, packed with our premium loose leaf tea offers a unique way for tourists to bring home something special. We recommend stacking these in an eye-catching display that says, “I sell tea!”

USA - Wood Boxes

Stocking shelves with an assortment of teas in various shapes and sizes creates a dynamic display customers will find irresistible. (It’s a fact!) These eye-catching wooden boxes with screened artwork fit the bill.

UK - Wood Boxes

Handmade in Sri Lanka, these wood boxes are crafted from sustainably grown wood in a factory known for its fair treatment of workers. Packed with string & tag teabags, and printed with eye-catching graphics, these fly off shelves.


Looking for something special to brew up the holidays? Fill your sack with everything from Cranberry tea to Candy Cane tea infusers. We’ve collected an assortment of teas and accessories themed for the most wonderful holidays of the year. (Or any time of year, for those of you with holiday themed shops.)


It’s always summertime somewhere. Our tropical collection offers all the sweet flavors of the tropics, packed for souvenir sales. Ranging from tropical fruit inspired infusers to premium mango and key lime tea - we have eveything you are looking for.