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Discovery Packs

Take your customers on a round-the-world tea journey with our discovery packs. We have hand-tied artisanal teas that open like flowers when infused with boiled water. And we offer our best selling loose teas in these special packs that focus on freshness, visibility, and easy sales. Your customers enjoy the flavor, and you enjoy the convenience — perfect.

Offer your customers:

Discovery Packs: Artisan Flower Teas

Flowering Artisanal teas are crafted from full-leaf seasonal teas and a palette of bright, luscious flower petals. More than tea, our Artisan Flowering Teas are drinkable works of art; a combination of visual, physical and culinary masterpieces. When infused, the exhibition begins. As the flower petals reveal themselves, their colors bleed into the water, infusing the cup with an air of elegance and mystery. Beautiful, refreshing and delicious, fine art never tasted so good. These make for excellent sipping teas, unique gifts, or one-of-a-kind conversations starters.

Discovery Packs: Loose Tea

Help your customers discover the rich and satisfying world of luxury whole leaf loose tea. We’ve curated a selection of the best teas and herbals to help fill your collection with something extraordinary. All Discovery Packs are vacuum-packed in Canada and ready for immediate global shipping. Beautifully packaged for impulse purchases, this is one pick-me-up your customers won’t feel guilty about.



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