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Cartons offer a plastic-free solution to retail ready teas. Artful designs printed on recycled materials - our cartons come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors.

METZ Cartons

Each carton contains 25 individually wrapped biodegradable and compostable pyramid whole leaf teabags.
25 unique conventional and organic tea blends ranging from robust black breakfast blends to herb + fruit tisanes that are natually caffeine-free. METZ offers a new standard of design and quality in luxury food service and retail.

48 Teabags

For the tea lover who wants it all! We’ve packed our most popular souvenir teas in 48 count cartons to make the good times last. 100% pure high grown Ceylon tea with all natural flavoring extracts sets our teas apart from all the rest. These are superb.

Mini Packs

Sometimes customers want a lot of tea, sometimes they want a little. In this case, these 10 teabag Mini Packs offer just the right amount of tea for those seeking a little. Over 25 varieties in flavored and souvenir format, these come packed in recyclable carton boxes. Perfect for gift giving any time of year. Each box contains 10 teabags with string and tag, flavor sealed for freshness.

Sample Packs

Sampling is a great way to keep customers coming back for more. We’ve taken our top selling flavors in string and tag, foil-wrapped teabags and packed them in 5’s for easy sampling. Keep these near your cash and encourage customers to take home something new. When they come back, sell them their new favorite tea in a larger format.