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METZ Online Tea Training

Click here to enter the METZ Luxury Tea Training and Sommelier Zone

Your passport to the world’s very best teas. This Tea Training zone offers everything you need to know about serving and selling METZ teas — both loose and pyramid tea bag offering. Use it to ignite your passion for luxury tea and provide your customers with the best experience possible. This training site can be accessed by yourself, your staff, and your customers. 


Virtual Meetings:

As a customer, you can request a virtual meeting with any of our tea masters. The ability to share screens and have a ‘face-to-face’ discussion lets us answer your questions instantly and walk you through our website and all it has to offer. We have a vast array of tools and resources on our website, so during the go to meeting we can show you which tools will be most useful for your type of business. What, at first, may seem a little overwhelming, will become an invaluable resource to help you with your business.


Training Videos:

We offer professional tea training videos that can be shown to management, staff, and customers. Our tea-brewing instructional videos visually capture the steps needed to brew the perfect cup or pot of tea, while limiting the text on the screen in order to make the videos more globally inclusive.



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