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Food Safety & Certifications

From the safety of our teas, durability of our accessories, and sustainability of our practices, we look out for our customers in everything we do.

Our Commitment to Food Safety

We actively ensure safe agricultural practices on all estates we buy from. We conduct regular audits of chemical input residue and adhere to EU food safety standards — the world’s most stringent.

100% Safe Stainless Steel

We use only food-safe 18/8 stainless steel. This will not corrode or leach harmful properties into your tea.

Note: 18/8 stainless steel is approved by the USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), EU (European Union), and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

100% Chemical Free Products

Our flavored teas, herbs, and ingredients are made with 100% natural flavoring only. Also, our decaffeinated teas are manufactured using our Chemical Free Decaffeination process.

Flavor Sealed for Freshness & Protection

All teas and herbs are vacuum-packed in specially designed Flavor-Sealed bags. This preserves garden freshness and protects against contaminants during shipping.


Tea Safety Case Study:
Tea & the Fukushima Nuclear Event

Safety Challenge

For decades, we purchased 100% of our Japanese teas from farms located in the north of Japan. In 2011, that changed with the Fukushima nuclear event. Immediately, rather than risk buying radioactive teas, we halted all Japanese purchases.

Our Solution

As an interim measure, we began working with growers in China to develop quality Japanese-style teas. After a number of years —  once we were satisfied with radioactivity readings in the south of Japan — we resumed purchases from Japan but only from safe southern farms.

Note: We still do not buy from Northern Japanese farms. The safety of our customers is not worth the risk.