Testimonials / Reviews

The Metropolitan Tea Company strives to offer you a five star experience in luxury tea.

Ben (Ontario, Canada) :

I just wanted to tell you about the most incredible on-boarding I've ever experienced when it comes to dealing with a new supplier. From the very beginning I have been given the red-carpet treatment. Even though I have a very small business I was treated like a very large account. Sales reps were there to always take my calls and direct me as needed. Enrollment was super easy and being approved was super fast and efficient.

My gotomeeting with Andrea was extremely helpful, she's an absolute gem! She helped walk me through every step of the way, answered ALL my questions (and I had a TON), and had an abundance of patience with me as I learned the system. My experience of Metropolitan Tea Company and the website would not have been nearly as great if it wasn't for her. I think it really speaks volumes about a company when their employees have incredible customer service and interpersonal skills, making the client feel more like part of the family.

The website, at first overwhelming, but after learning how to use it was fantastic. The vast amount of tools available from the DIY catalog builder to the easy search feature to the labeling and info tabs made this site a pleasure to use.  There is a TON of information and options and I think that's what makes it so overwhelming, but once I learned my way around it became an invaluable tool to help me with my small business.

Then there's the immense range of options and flexibility that Metropolitan Tea Company provides, such as custom labeling and the LUDIFY features (to name only a few). I could not have asked for a better supplier! 

Thank you so much and please keep up the amazing work you do!

Linda (New Mexico, USA) :

Thank you for your email this morning. The Go To Meeting was excellent! I“m so grateful you showed me more of the website — it holds a treasure trove of goodies that was unbeknown to me even with the ‘diggin’ I had already done. What I appreciated the most about the Go To Meeting was ‘meeting in person’, making my connection with Metropolitan Tea, a real one with great people and not just great inventory.

Carole (Florida, USA) :

Wow! Your company is impressive and a bit overwhelming :) I look forward to the tutorial.

Anita (Glagow, UK) – comment made in relation to the Covid19 pandemic :

I know we say it often, but perhaps not always often enough – “thank you” for all you do. Without you, thousands of livelihoods would be devastated. All you care, expertise, and efforts are truly appreciated.

Dion (Ontario, Canada) :

Thank you for your prompt reply and service! I’m impressed. I will place the order soon.

Drasko (Ontario, Canada) :

I just had the pleasure of finishing the virtual tour with Claudia. Thank you so much! I wanted to take a quick moment and super-congratulate everyone on such a stellar job with the videos! Jaw-dropping good. Keep up the great work! I just might seriously have to go and print “I <3 Metro Tea” t-shirts one day.

We appreciate your support and ‘five tea star’ reviews.