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Kenya is one of the word’s largest tea exporters, at the top along with China and India. Kenya is well-known for its geographical faults and rifts that were created millions of years ago, and the tea regions are often categorized as East or West of the Rift.

We’ve been buying luxury grade teas from Kenya for decades due to the rich volcanic soil and the lack of pesticide use (you will find some of the best thick, malty seasonal teas from here with incredible mouth-feel). The tea is grown at high altitudes, ranging between 6000-7000 feet above sea level, which means there is no need for pesticides.

The Kenyan tea growing community is made up of around 400,000 small scale farmers that own 1 – 4 acres, sometimes the large ones own 20 acres.

A Kenyan tea plucker fills her basket on Tinderet Estate in the Nandi Highlands.
Tasting the day’s production on Changoi Estate in the Kericho District.