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Legendary access

For thousands of years, tea farmers in China have developed teas and blends that continue to dominate global markets. We’ve been travelling to China since 1994, developing safe and stable supply chains to bring these teas to our customers and clients.


A changing landscape

Over decades of tea-travel, we’ve seen much change in this beautiful and fascinating country. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the legendary mountains of Jiangxi, we’ve seen the country shift from an agrarian society to a highly sophisticated economic engine. Throughout, we’ve maintained close ties with our trusted farmers, manufacturers and packers.


What we buy

In such a varied tea landscape, experience and an eye for quality is paramount. While we couldn’t possibly detail each of our Chinese teas here, some of our primary offerings include:


Oolong: Peak quality from the spiritual home of oolong—the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian province. Known as semi-fermented teas, Oolongs offer a bright floral character that sits somewhere between green and black teas.


Scented Green Tea: The ethereal scent of jasmine is a staple of Chinese tea culture. We source premium quality green tea from Fujian province, scented naturally with night-blossoming jasmine petals.


Pu-erh: China’s storied fermented tea, our Pu-erhs originate in Yunnan province—the birthplace of Pu-erh. Top grade Pu-erhs fetch astronomically high prices—up to $50,000 for peak production.


Dragonwell (Lungching):  A pan-fired green tea from Zhejiang, we purchase spring production Dragonwell teas known for their deep grassy character and high antioxidant content.



Chinese tea you can trust

When doing business in a market as large as China, it’s important to work with suppliers and growers you can trust. Thanks to our deep roots in the region, Metropolitan Tea offers a safe, stable supply of teas produced and shipped with care.

Plucking seasonal leaf in Fujian province. This will be used to make Jasmine Gold Dragon