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Plant-Based Teabag Material


Metropolitan and Metz Pyramid Tea Bags are made from plant based material (sugar cane, corn or abaca)which are both commercially compostable and biodegradable. This has been our standard for the last 23 years. They are not made from nylon or any other petroleum based compounds. (Our mantra is – let’s enjoy tea together; naturally).


Historical Context:

In 1998 our company became aware of pyramid machine technology. Gerry immediately travelled to Japan to see equipment in operation. He turned down the opportunity to be one of the world’s early adopters for the pyramid tea bags because the only tea bag material available was nylon (we felt that our tea should not have a footprint 400 years from now). Whilst sales are important, it is not sales at the expense of our ethics and planet.


It was not until 2006/2007 that plant based tea bag material became available at which point we purchased equipment specially designed to accept plant based tea bag material.


Now, all in-house manufactured pyramid tea bags are plant-based, plastic-free, and compostable.


Our Plant-Based & Plastic-Free Tea Bag Material:


Woven: Thread is made from the plants and the thread is then woven on a large loom (not unlike a cotton material). The woven material is clear and shows off the incredible luxury teas.




Non-Woven: The fibers of the plants are made in a process similar to making paper. The material is opaque and does not ‘show-off’ the luxury tea in the same manner as woven material.



String+Tag Option: Both the string and tag are made purely of plant-based and compostable materials.


Certified Compostable:

The teabag material, string and tag materials are all certified commercially compostable based on the international standard ISO 14855 and the European standard EN 13432.



Plant based woven material is about 5 times more expensive than nylon and the price differential is trending up.



Compostable Pouch Packaging:

Click here to find out about our compostable pouch packaging material.

An eco-friendly packaging solution that holds between 7 – 75 teabags.

Creating a fully plant-based and compostable product.