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Responsible Tea Production

A conscientious cuppa


Why you should buy luxury grade teas.

Tea is a continuous crop. Unlike many other commercial crops, it can be grown 12 months of the year. For estates that value sustainability over quick profits, tea provides stable year-round income and jobs — both badly needed in the developing world.

Unfortunately, many tea estates don’t follow sustainability principles. The results are lower yields, poorer quality teas, lower prices and less stability for workers. By purchasing wholesale luxury teas, you can do your part to support some of the world’s most challenging locations.


The Luxury Tea Difference

1. Luxury quality teas are hand-plucked.

Reduces reliance on fossil fuels and pollution with virtually no CO2 output.

(Japan is an exception. There, luxury teas are harvested by machine.)


2. Tea plantations absorb CO2.

The better run the estate, the more carbon absorbed. As well, most of the estates we deal with use renewable timber and old root stock for fuel, further reducing emissions.


3. Luxury estates rehabilitate soil.

Fields are rotated and left fallow on a regular schedule.


4. Better botany, means less reliance on pesticides.

Many of the luxury teas we carry are pesticide-free. In fact, many luxury tea areas (i.e. Darjeeling, Kenyan Highlands or Sri Lanka) can support tea 100% free of pesticides, thanks to the high altitudes. (Tea pests can’t survive.)

When these policies are followed, luxury estates thrive, providing jobs, housing, education and medical care for workers and their families.