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Teapot Warmers

No one likes a cold cuppa. These warmers use the heat of a tealight candle to keep things hot.

Offer your customers:

Ceramic Teapot Warmers

Keeping teapot warm is an age-old problem. Thankfully, there’s an age-old solution: the tealight candle warmer. It’s an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and charming way to ensure your next cuppa is as warm as the previous. Offered here in lead-free single glazed ceramic.

Glass Teapot Warmers

Complete your glass tea service with this stylish and functional tealight warmer in heatproof glass. Elegant, captivating and highly functional — makes a stunning night time display.

Iron Teapot Warmers

Put the stylish, industrial look of iron to work with these teapot warmers. Designed to radiate heat upward toward your teapot, these look great with any type of pot —glass, ceramic, or porcelain.



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