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Classically styled teapots made from durable ceramic, dipped in a multitude of food safe colors.

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1-2 Cup Ceramic Teapots: The Hampton

The Hampton hardly needs an introduction. Styled after the classic British Brown Betty style teapot, the Hampton series offers a classic functional look in a multitude of vibrant colors. Constructed of food safe ceramic with lead-free glaze by a reputable factory we’ve done business with for years.

Ceramic Teapots: T4 Me

As the old saying goes: when you’ve got a pot of tea, you’re never alone. We’ve combined pot and cup into one seamless unit with our T4 Me collection. How does it work? The pot rests ingeniously within the rim of the cup. An elegantly simple way to serve and enjoy luxury teas.

3 Cup Ceramic Teapots: Sherwood

The mid-range size of our classic ceramic teapot. Classic British styling stands out on any café, restaurant or tearoom table. Available in a host of vibrant, lead-free glazes. For extra visual appeal and a dash of whimsy, mix-and-match pots and lids. (Trust us, it’ll get a lot of attention.)

6 Cup Ceramic Teapots: Windsor

Typically, a 6 cup teapot is designed for sharing. But there are times - we’ve all been there - when more than one cup isn’t enough. The Windsor pot is your answer. With a robust, 6-cup size, this ceramic pot with lead-free glaze offers enough tea for a table-full of people. (Or one extreme tea lover.)

8 Cup Ceramic Teapots: Cornwall

The Granddaddy of our ceramic teapot line, the Cornwall brews up an impressive 8 cups of tea. Perfect for pairing with our large mesh teaballs, or strainer in a drip tray, the Cornwall is available in a stunning array of lead-free glazes. This is the dictionary definition of a British style teapot.



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