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Discovery Packs: Artisan Flower

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Artisan Flower Green

Take your customers on a round-the-world tea journey. When infused, these hand-tied artisanal teas open like flowers – a tribute to the masters who create them. Crafted from full-leaf, seasonal green teas and ethically grown blossoms, these make excellent sipping teas, unique gifts, or one-of-a-kind conversation starters.

Artisan Flower Oolong

Flowering Artisanal teas have been made in China for centuries. Originally given as tributes to emperors and dignitaries, recipes were closely guarded family secrets, handed down from one generation to the next. Today, while the recipes are no longer kept under lock and key, the same precision techniques are followed. Our collection of Oolong Tea Artisan Flowers celebrates this long tradition with captivating flavor and breathtaking visuals your customers are going to love.

Artisan Flower White

More than tea, our White Tea Artisan Flowers are drinkable works of art; a combination of visual, physical and culinary masterpieces. These creations are crafted from a palette of bright, luscious flower petals and long, wiry white tea leaves, twisted, turned and tied into tiny orbs that are dried and hardened. When infused, the exhibition begins. As the flower petals reveal themselves, their colors bleed into the water, infusing the cup with an air of elegance and mystery. Beautiful, refreshing and delicious, fine art never tasted so good.



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