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Wood Boxes

Stocking shelves with an assortment of teas in various shapes and sizes crates a dynamic display customers will find irresistible. (It’s a fact!) These eye-catching wooden boxes with screened artwork fit the bill.

Handmade in Sri Lanka, these wood boxes are crafted from sustainably grown wood in a factory known for its fair treatment of workers. Packed with string & tag teabags, and printed with eye-catching graphics that make these fly off shelves.

Offer your customers:

100 Teabags

You can never have too much of a good thing. 100 string & tag, premium teabags for the real tea lover.

12 Teabags

Which will customers prefer? The tea or the stylish wooden chest? (Hint: they’re going to love both.)

15 Teabag Cottage box

Tiny painted wooden cottage boxes, packed with luxury tea. What could be cuter? (Answer: nothing.)

25 Teabags

25 premium string & tag teabags in a wide variety of flavors. Bright, vibrant screen art catches the eye.

36 Teabag Box

The ultimate souvenir tea-box. 36 teabags packed in a sustainably produced wooden box.



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