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Upright Wood Boxes

Handmade in Sri Lanka, these wood boxes are crafted from sustainably grown wood, in a factory known for its fair treatment of workers. Packed with string & tag teabags, and printed with eye-catching graphics that make these fly off shelves.


Offer your customers:


We’ve captured the incredible flavor of North American Maple syrup, and added it to a luxury, high grown Ceylon tea for a sweet cuppa that’s second to none.


Maple meets honey! Delicious synergy between the sweet world-famous maple and manuka honey.


Beguiling sweet pear notes with hints of berry and caramel. To enhance the natural flavors, consumption with sugar is recommended.


Icewine - the nectar of the northern gods captured in this deliciously fruity tea with a light blueberry finish.


The liquor is bright with excellent flowery flavor and a cup that tends somewhat light. A good after-dinner tea.



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