Wholesale Sales Only

Triple Packs

The best things in life come in 3s. To make it easy for your customers to buy tea souvenirs for everyone, we’ve packed our top-selling gift teas in threes. Three times the sales value, three times the margin, three times the convenience.

Plus! Ask about custom shrink-wrapping your own select flavor assortments.

Offer your customers:

10 Teabag Mini Packs

The perfect travel pick-me-up. 10 premium teabags in artistic carton boxes. Great lightweight gift.


Tea makes a great gift. Especially luxury teabags in stylish tin tea caddies. Multiple sizes available.

Wood Boxes

Fun, unique and look great on shelf. Handmade wooden boxes packed with luxury teas, printed with souvenir scenes.

Upright Wood Boxes

Stand up and count your blessings. Premium teas and flavors in stand-up wooden boxes.



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