Iced Tea

In 1893, a vendor at Chicago World’s Fair grossed over $2000 selling iced tea. (That’s roughly $52,000 in today’s dollars. Not a bad run.) Today, brewing and serving your own loose iced tea still yields impressive results — with much higher margins than you’d get from pre-bottled iced tea.

What’s more, the perceived value of luxury brewed iced tea is much higher than pre-made, so you can charge more per cup! Each of our bulk packed iced tea teabags make 1 gallon / 3.8 Lt of the sweet stuff.

All organic products are certified organic by the USDA, EU Organic, COR (Canada), and JAS (Japan).

Offer your customers:

Organic Black Tea

Organically grown teas from sustainable estates in the world’s premium growing regions. Brew these by the pitcher-full and let customers control their own sugar in-take.

Organic Flavored Black Tea

High-grown Ceylon teas meet 100% natural flavoring extracts. Fruity, juicy, delightful iced teas.

Organic Herb + Fruit Tea

Juicy, chewy, and bursting with flavor. These amazing blends of fruit, herbs, and flowers make stunning icy creations.

Organic Herbal Tea

Organic herbal teas from reputable growers with an eye for sustainability. Refreshing and hydrating - customers love these herbal iced tea options.

Organic Wellness Tea

Ohm…Organic blends of teas and herbs designed to lift the spirits and ease the body and soul. These can be great post-workout refreshers or delicious summer-time treats.

Specialty Blends

Special blends of high-grown teas, selected for flavor and character. All iced tea should be this good.



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