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Ayurvedic Total Body

In today’s world, clearing out space to relax can be a challenge. We get it. Which is why we developed our lineup of Wellness teas.

After a series of long trips around the world visiting suppliers, we got tired of feeling…well…tired. So, we blended some teas to give us a boost. Perfect for your harried, on-the-go customers. Be well.

Offer your customers:

Ayurvedic Total Body

Blended according to Ayurvedic principles. A stunning mix of rooibos, peppermint, spearmint, fruit, flowers, and spices, designed to provide a sense of overall comfort and well-being to the entire body.

Tasting notes: Makes you want to dance. Light tart fruity mint opens your palate, floral and fruit follow and finishes with piquant ginger. Life's goodness in a cup.


As always our teas are:
Small batch blended and packed in Canada
HACCP certified
Vac-packed for maximum freshness
Available in multiple sizes


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