The world’s first commercially viable white teas were produced from two varietals of bushes discovered in Fujian in the 1700s — Da Bai and Da Hao. Early artisans developed the practice of plucking unopened tea leaves while they are still covered in a fine white down and naturally drying them in the sun.

To this day, the recipes for China’s white teas remain unchanged. Soft, delicate and floral like fines wines, each captures the nuance and sweet earthiness of the terroir in which it was harvested. We’ve developed a list of the country’s best. Simply stunning.


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Pai Mu Tan

The highest white tea grade money can buy, before prices enter the stratosphere. Only the top two leaves and a bud are plucked, then naturally withered and dried in the sun. Leaf presents very light green almost gray white color with velvet peach fuzz down.

Tasting notes: Clear, slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and a smooth velvety flavor. Delicate jammy notes reminiscent of Keemun or a mild Bordeaux.

As always our teas are:
Small batch blended and packed in Canada
HACCP certified
Vac-packed for maximum freshness
Available in multiple sizes


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