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China – Chunmee style

Delicate, finely graded and hand-rolled into a tell-tale eyebrow like shape, Chunmee is one of China’s most popular varieties of green teas. Characterized by a dusty, glossy appearance, Chunmees are prized for their bright cup, gentle sweetness and toasty, warm finish.

As you can well imagine, Chunmee teas derive their popularity in part for the fact that they pair exceptionally well with foods – both Asian and Western cuisine. Explore our selection and make some room on your luxury tea shelf.

Offer your customers:

Chunmee Special Grade #1

Traditionally hand-rolled and pan-fired with the skill of the world’s finest tea artisans. The final tea is considered a work of art. Patience, great hand coordination, temperature control, and timing achieve a fine jade color leaf and mellow yellowish brew.

Tasting notes: Full bodied, delicate flavor with toasty notes. Mellow smokiness lending to sweet tobacco or plum character.

As always our teas are:
Small batch blended and packed in Canada
HACCP certified
Vac-packed for maximum freshness
Available in multiple sizes


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