Flavored Mandarin Pu-erh

Production of pu-erh can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The exotic offering was first written about in the ancient treatise, “Book on Barbarians” published by a government official after a visit to ancient Yunnan province. Evidently, the tea was not too barbaric for the official, who reportedly brought a chest-full home for his emperor.

Our selection of mandarin packed pu-erh offers all the earthy character of pu-erh, layered with pleasing touches of citrus. Considered by many to be good luck teas, these hand-crafted, hand-packed gems make excellent gifts and fabulous all-day drinking teas.

Offer your customers:

Xantou Mandarin Black Pu-erh

Black Pu-erh undergoes a fermentation process in which the tea is processed and stored for a set period of time without being dried completely. The leaf is packed into a whole mandarin peel and dried. Superb.

Tasting notes: Pu-Erh is softened with sweet citrus notes. Cup opens with notes of sweet orange, earth, and damp moss. Spectacular tea.

As always our teas are:
Small batch blended and packed in Canada
HACCP certified
Vac-packed for maximum freshness
Available in multiple sizes


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