Fine Cut Chai Tea

Many years ago on a buying tip, our Master Taster had the chai of his life outside the market in Kolkata. The cup was rich, spicy and thick in the cup. Asking the wallah (seller) what made the cup so special, he was told it had to do with the finely cut tea leaves used in the brew. The finer the cut he explained, the more surface area to brew, the stronger the tea.

Thankfully, our Master Taster scribbled down the recipe on the back of his plane ticket, and the rest is history. Our version offers the same rich cup he experienced many years ago, chopped and ready for tea-bag machines or for self-drinking. 

Offer your customers:

Fine Cut Cochin Masala Chai

One of the world’s oldest and most revered combination of spices. In India, Chai is traditionally brewed in milk, but this one is fabulous when brewed with water and topped up with warm milk in the cup. 

Tasting notes: Full-bodied tea enhances South Indian masala spices. The finish has cardamom notes peeking out from lively ginger. Superb with milk and sugar. 

As always our teas are:
Small batch blended and packed in Canada
HACCP certified
Vac-packed for maximum freshness
Available in multiple sizes


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