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Metropolitan Tea is operating normal business hours.

Metropolitan Tea is deemed an essential business by the US and Canadian Government.

EST 8:30am - 6:00pm

UPS daily pickups for Canada, US, UK and International shipments.

We process and manufacture our own supply – All teas and ingredients available for instant shipping.


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  • Phone: 1 416 588 0089
  • Toll Free: 1 800 388 0351

The rest of the world

  • Phone: 1 416 588 0089

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  • We have built a computer network, which will allow our office staff to work from home with full access to email and the company’s main computer systems.
  • We have sectioned staff into 3 rotating shifts. Production has staggered shifts; the office staff will come in on rotation. (The banks are doing the same with their trading departments).
  • We are cross training staff to assist in order preparation, manufacturing, production, order picking, and shipping. Getting our luxury tea to you is job number 1.


We have someone fulfill your tea needs 24/7!