Frequently asked questions

For more details, or if you have a question not listed below, please contact us.

Is there a minimum order size?
No. We have no minimum order size, but we do have minimum shipping sizes. Please contact us for information. (Note: Metropolitan offers wholesale sales only.)

Do you do custom labeling?
In some cases we can accommodate custom labeling, but significant minimums will apply.

Do you do custom tea blending?
In some cases we can accommodate custom blending, but significant minimums will apply.

Can I get shipping terms?
First orders are processed by credit card only. Once a credit application has been filled and approved, terms may be given for future orders.

Do you make sales calls?
No, we do not offer in-person sales calls. We invite you to come visit us at a trade show near you.

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How do I order online?
First orders must be placed by phone, or in-person at a trade show. Once you’re a customer, you can access our online ordering site.
(Orders are filled at 98% fulfillment rates. Contact us for trial access.)

When I call, do I have to speak to a specific salesperson?
No, any member of our seasoned staff of Tea Masters and Tea consultants can help you with any questions you may have.

Do you have a showroom?
Yes, our Toronto, Canada office has a showroom. The best way to view our complete range however, is to call us and request trial access to our ordering website.

Can I buy retail from Metropolitan Tea?
Sorry, Metropolitan Tea is a wholesale supplier only. If you cannot find a tea, contact us to find a retailer near you. Or, encourage your local tea shop or cafe to order the tea for you.

Do you have any promotions?
Yes. Sign up for our weekly promotional email, or join our customer-only Facebook page for limited-time offers.

Which Credit Cards does Metropolitan accept?
We accept MasterCard and VISA. In the USA, we also accept Discover.

Can I pay with debit?
Currently debit payments can only be accepted in person at our Toronto office.

Can I place my first order online?
In order to ensure our customers are wholesale only, we accept first orders over the phone, or in person at a trade show exclusively.

Are orders shipped from within the USA?
Yes, American orders are shipped from our Buffalo, NY facility.

Does Metropolitan Tea make drop shipments?
No, Metropolitan Tea does not make drop shipments.